Our Ministry

To impact athletes through the platform of sports so that every athlete and coach will hear the life-altering news about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

In recent years sports has become one of the most influential platforms in our society and because of gaining momentum it is essential that it remains full of positive influencers... More

Our Mission

  • Mission
    -TGC aims to network and build relationships at all levels of athletics through events and the presentation of gospel leadership.
    -Build curriculum to communicate with over 100 professional and college teams/players.
    -Equip and send out disciples from our internship program located in Houston, Texas to make an impact in sports.
  • Vision
    To see the platform of athletics used as a world changing network that communicates the message of Christ and His principles.
  • Cause
    To increase awareness of the importance of christian character in athletics and the root of its origin and to inform those who possess an athletic platform that living in a manner that glorifies God can change our country.

Therefore we have a great high priest... who was tempted in every way but did not give in. Hebrews 4:14-15