The Flight of Ravens

The Greatest Champion Foundation is excited to announce a new outreach partner known as The Flight of Ravens. The Flight of Ravens is a branch of The Greatest Champion Foundation that will focus on community outreach events. The mission of The Flight of Ravens is to:

“Equip people with comfortable active apparel that enables them to Embark on an adventure while identifying with our cause to spiritually Enlighten people all around the world!”

Our Inspiration

The Flight of Ravens inspiration for creation derives from a story in the Bible in 1 Kings 17. The prophet Elijah declares a drought in the land and follows God’s command to go into the wilderness. God provided a brook for drinking water and sent ravens to bring Elijah food. Elijah had to rely upon God and only God for both his physical and spiritual provision and sustenance.

When applying this story to today’s culture, we see millions of people all around the world who are in situations like Elijah’s in which they cannot provide for themselves. The problem is this: Many of those people do not know God and have never heard the story of Jesus! People are crying out for help and no one is answering. The orphans, the widows, the homeless, the lost, the desperate, the impoverished. Those are the very people The Flight of Ravens want to reach.

We want to be ravens to those people just like the ravens were to Elijah. We want to be bringers of physical provision and spiritual enlightenment through the story of Jesus Christ. How will we do this?

20% of donations will be be poured directly into a specific community outreach event or partnership known as a “Flight.” We want to grow and see millions come to Christ because of the work He does through The Flight of Ravens. Also, we want to provide you with a useful and enjoyable product and in doing so you will help fund our Flight events!

Performance Shirts

The Flight of Ravens will offer lightweight moisture-wicking polyester shirts for men and lightweight polyester/cotton mix tank tops for women. The shirts are available now online.

The saying, “Know Your WHY” on the front of the shirt is very important to understanding the purpose behind what we are doing. To “Know Your WHY” means to understand the reason behind why you are wearing our shirt, and furthermore, why you are on this earth.

This is much more than just wearing a shirt.

The First Flight – Back to School Bash

The Back to School Bash is our inaugural Flight in which we will be partnering with the Carolina Children’s Home and Epworth Children’s Home in Columbia, SC.

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