Our goal through The Greatest Champion Foundation is to partner with the leaders

Of America's high schools, universities and professional athletic teams to provide character building curriculums and activities that will aid in "influencing today's influencers.” We drive this mission with the concession that the roots of good character and the origins of cooperative behavior are found in the greatest love letter of all time, The Bible. While building relationships with athletes, coaches and all who they influence we aim to serve those we minister to with an effort that they might miss us and see Jesus.

“The Greatest Champion Foundation is impacting people everywhere for the gospel and its mission sure has impacted me and our program!"-Bill McDonald (Head Men’s Golf Coach, University of South Carolina)



Our goal is to combine the largest current influence on society with the greatest message in all of history and as a result, shape lives for God's purposes. In doing that, we know that we must give a consistent message to all we interact with. Jesus, The Greatest Champion and His “fruits” or His “attributes” govern all that we do, and especially how we do it! We know that athletic champions who serve, love, remain humble, encourage others and stay poised honor Jesus through how they play. Through team chapels, bible studies, team building events and leadership seminars we aim to elevate the attributes of Jesus with the hopes that all members of the team or organization will not just adopt the attributes themselves, but submit to the author of the attributes, Jesus. Loving people well and serving people where they are have become cornerstones throughout all of our initiatives with our hope being that our method will match our maker!

“Just being loved well and being told Jesus loves you no matter what has been priceless in this league! Proving yourself to the outside world is dangerous, but knowing your identity is in something greater than your current circumstances is so freeing!"-Matthew Slater (Special Teams Captain, New England Patriots)



While knowing that one of the greatest shapers of the American spiritual culture is sports and recreation, we aim to be intentional throughout the sports arena to forge relationships and programs that always place Christ at the forefront. By being intentional we become better stewards of all God has entrusted us with including our time, energy, His message and the resources entrusted to us. We are energized by the truth that while impacting leaders, athletes and coaches we are impacting our country at the same time! The Rev. Billy Graham once said about sports that: "One coach will impact more young people in a year than the average person does in a lifetime.” We are focused, convicted and excited as we press into each and every opportunity to enhance each person’s story for His glory!

“Jack and His staff have unmatched energy in all they do. The focus and joy they come to work with lifts all who they engage, all the while growing any group in all types of ways."-Dawn Staley (Head Women’s Basketball Coach, University of South Carolina)



We highly value relationships and desire to see athletes of all levels find a relationship with Jesus Christ and with other believers. When people find an authentic relationship with Christ and genuine friendships with other believers, a movement in their group occurs. This movement is WAY deeper than wins or losses and can impact families or communities for generations. We know, and have seen, that when Jesus takes hold of a group of people who unite around His will and His ways ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN! From connecting christian athletes in marriage, to seeing athletes baptized, to athletes sharing God’s love in their communities, we are indeed honored to be apart of a movement! The reason being a part of a team “feels” so good is because when your are a true team you become a GROUP of people, putting aside selfish needs for the betterment of the overall progress. Simply put, that is how God designed us. To know Him, and then as a part of His team we are CALLED to MAKE HIM KNOWN!

“In every setting with The Greatest Champion Foundation you feel like they are building towards something that can help people gain momentum in Christ! All of the studies, chapels and sessions I was a part of left with us eager to impact!"-Ryan Succop (Kicker, Tennessee Titans)